Pininfarina Sergio Concept is a Love it or Hate it Design: 2013 Geneva Motor Show

Pininfarina Sergio Concept is a Love it or Hate it Design: 2013 Geneva Motor Show

Pininfarina has just unveiled its Sergio Concept, based on the Ferrari 458 Spider and what the company calls the two-seater barchetta of the future.

But little of what the original 458 Spider’s styling remains on the Pininfarina Sergio Concept. Transformed inside and out, its style is undoubtedly a “love it or hate it” design. One thing’s for sure though, it’s truly a style that is also unmistakably Pininfarina’s in terms of being sleek, simple, and majestically clean.

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What is surprising is that Pininfarina believes that the Sergio Concept is a realistic car that could easily be produced in a limited series. Essentially a re-bodied Ferrari 458 Spider, the Sergio Concept maintains all the original technology and its performance. The transformation really took place at the Pininfarina Style Centre, where a totally new body was developed from full carbon fiber, saving 10 percent in weight compared to the factory aluminum.

Compared to the factory Ferrari 458 Spider, the wheels and tires are more race inspired, coming in a 21-inch style and featuring a center-locking design. The hub was derived from the 458 Challenge while new LED taillights, headlights, small doors, new dash top, and modified seats were just the beginning to the transformation process. The roof, windscreen, and rear bench seat were tossed out once Pininfarina got its hands on the car.

The Sergio Concept weighs 331 pounds less than the factory 458 Spider and helps maintain the overall performance one would expect when driving a Ferrari 458 Spider. That is, if you like the styling of the Sergio Concept.

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