Smart Crossover Rumored for 2016

Smart Crossover Rumored for 2016

Smart is rumored to be working on its first ever crossover model, which could launch by 2016.

According to a new report out of Germany, the crossover would be based on an all-new platform that will also underpin the next-generation fortwo. With a higher ride-height and more aggressive off-road style it is also expected to be the first Smart to offer all-wheel drive.

While a seemingly far-fetched idea, it’s really not. After all, MINI now offers a crossover (the Countryman) and recently launched its new Paceman model, which is essentially a crossover coupe. As for Smart, it’s not yet known if they plan to offer a two-door or four-door model… or both. The move makes sense with sub-compact crossovers starting to become a popular segment, with cars like the Nissan Juke, while Honda plans its own soft-roader based of the Fit.

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Over the past few years Smart has showcased numerous crossover-style concept cars, including the ForStars concept (above). A more realistic concept is expected to be revealed next year.

GALLERY: Smart ForStars Concept


[Source: Auto Motor und Sport]

  • Nayannbrevard

    Well my 2008 red and black convertable; draws attention whereever I go. Every time I look at it I have to smile like everyone else. It’s the cutest little car on the road. Christmas for next year the neighbors gave me the deer antlers and nose to put on it. I bet that gets the attention. Someone said you better watch out a big buck will be after it. Ha! I like the new one you’re working on , but that 2008 beats it.

  • Wingsali

    I don’t consider my 08 dorky!  It’s adorable!!!  And very distinctive in design.  The new model looks like many already on the road.  I’m sorry SMART felt the need to conform to others’ styles.  I guess I’ll have to take extra care with mine, since it will probably be the last car I ever buy, I’m certainly not going to buy a new designed SMART!

  • Dody West

    Oh, for heaven’s sake … why does anything original have to go whimpering back to looking like all the others?  Larger in no way means better.  
    First, there is nothing dorky about the “city-car look” of the Smart, whatever “city-car look” means.  The Smart is well designed, spunky looking, and makes efficient use of space.  No way can it be described as dorky!  In fact, I don’t know why it keeps being called a “city car” since it does beautifully on the interstates, highways and mountains, as I can personally attest.Second, the Forstars looks like many other cars, including the volkswagen, according to these photos.    This is new?!  If you want to do 4-wheel driving, you need a longer wheelbase, larger tires and making it sit higher from the roadbed.  That makes it a larger car.  That makes it another car, not a Smart.  

  • jack williams

    Sorry, but my yellow and black is the cutest little car on the road………..NOT YOUR SMART OR ANYONE ELSES……MINE, MINE, MINE 🙂