Subaru Viziv Concept Previews Future Styling, Diesel-Hybrid Tech

Subaru Viziv Concept Previews Future Styling, Diesel-Hybrid Tech

At the 2013 Geneva Motor Show today, Subaru held the worldwide debut of its Viziv Concept, a future-generation crossover concept with a Subaru Boxer Diesel Hybrid under the hood.

The Subaru Boxer Diesel Hybrid is a proposal to the future of Subaru powerplants, which combines a 2.0-liter Subaru Boxer diesel engine with a plug-in hybrid system. A high-torque-compatible Lineartronic (CVT) features a front motor that provides both vehicle drive and power generation while two independent rear motors are used for vehicle drive only. The powertrain selects the best time to use each power unit helping achieve high fuel economy.

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As for the styling, the Japanese automaker announced that the Viziv Concept represents the new design direction and technologies that will “take the Subaru brand into the future.” The Viziv name is inspired by the phrase “Vision for Innovation” and expresses the automaker’s future vision of innovation and the future direction of the brand.

The concept itself was designed with simple and clean surfaces and lines. According to Subaru, the aim was to create the ideal balance between a solid-looking body and a condensed cabin. The exterior was finished off with a pleasant-on-the-eyes Mistral Silver Metallic shade.

Actual performance figures of the Viziv Concept were not provided, though the idea of a Subaru Boxer Diesel Hybrid is certainly… interesting.

GALLERY: Suburu Viziv Concept


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  • PurplePhlogiston

    Ugly, ugly, ugly!

  • It looks like a VOLVO.

  • Maczs

    Screams Volvo!

  • Bob

    I like it

  • John

    Ugly, but I want to know what performance and mileage are like!

  • Georgeous but the doors should have been ‘gulled’ or pivoted on the front brace. Love the interior cabin and front end lighting. Ina a word WOW!

  • Georgeous but the doors should have been ‘gulled’ or pivoted on the front brace. Love the interior cabin and front end lighting. Ina a word WOW!

  • Looks like a Chrysler. When does it come to the US? I’ve been waiting for a Diesel Impreza to replace my old grungly Impreza battle-tank.

  • DoomsdayJay

    People complaining about the looks don’t understand concept cars. They’re rarely close to what hits the market, and almost always toned-down unless people demand otherwise (like the BRZ). Also, it would really surprise me if the US got a diesel model. As much as I want one, they’re hard to sell (unless you’re VW). Even though a turbo-diesel hybrid would be far and away the most efficient (and torqe-ier) option for any car.

    It blows my mind how they don’t sell more diesel SUVs and trucks especially, the MPG is WAY better for those applications especially.

  • Plaza7

    Really miss the traditional fog/driving lights

  • Gasgas

     A Volvo is a voluptuous beauty queen compared to this pile of

    They should go and take a look at old Jaguars or new Mercs if they want to know how to make a car look good.

  • TurboDiesel

    Just put the diesel in the US Impreza and be done with it.

  • Peterhting

    If Subaru can add a 240v plug to use as a generator output then am in.  A diesel generator along
    will cost $10-15k and you can store diesel fuel without them going bad.

  • Guest

    I realize it’s just a flashy concept version, but it looks about as functional as the new Jeep- isn’t.  

  • PartyPounder

    I’ve been writing Subaru twice a year for the past 7 years asking when their diesel boxer is coming to the USA.  My 2002 Subie Outback is getting long in the tooth, and I want a diesel to replace it.  

  • Jamesph

    My Foz is still young but a hybrid???????? OH YEAH!!

  • Jakkerma

    They all look the same..
    as Pininfarina remarked 40 years ago..

  • They should use a smaller diesel, like 1.4L if they want impressive MPG. 2L is pretty big, too big.