Subaru WRX Concept a New York Show Stopper

Subaru WRX Concept a New York Show Stopper

Subaru just unveiled the WRX concept, previewing what to expect with the next in its line of rally-inspired all-wheel drive sport sedan.

Drivetrain details are disappointingly absent, but the Japanese brand did unveil a few key hints about the new car. Compared to the current car, it’s 2.3 inches shorter in overall length, 3.7 inches wider and 3.7 inches lower. That lower roof will help improve the car’s center of gravity, as will the carbon fiber it’s made of. The concept also gets a carbon fiber rear diffuser.

But the biggest story is how it looks – a lot like a Jaguar. Any semblance of the car’s boy racer roots will be thoroughly erased if the production car turns out looking anything like this.

Instead, a gaping grille, wide vents around the fog lights and swept back headlights give the car a more mature look.

It’s wide stance and strong character lines continue around the sides and over to the deck lid which is designed to act as a spoiler. While Subaru might be trying to take a more grown-up approach to the next generation WRX, it still couldn’t resist playing with a few neon accents.

The WRX badge built into the grille, the brake calipers and even the tips of the exhaust pipes all get fluorescent yellow finish.

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GALLERY: Subaru WRX concept


GALLERY: Subaru WRX Concept

Subaru-WRX-Concept (1).jpgSubaru-WRX-Concept (11).jpgSubaru-WRX-Concept (10).jpgSubaru-WRX-Concept (14).jpgSubaru-WRX-Concept (15).jpgSubaru-WRX-Concept (22).jpgSubaru-WRX-Concept (16).jpg

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  • Boobiesocks

    I want two… one to beat the other to take my wife to dinner!!

  • *Its wide stance

  • NiteOwl_OvO

    It looks too much like the Corolla it’s built on and not enough like a Subie.

  • Punkrocker1228

    Finally a good lookin wrx

  • Owner

    Hmmmmm…..looks like the prodrive p1

  • Caacal Cal

    Style is very original.

    The attempts of individuals to compare its looks to other brands are funny and sometimes ridiculous.  BTW, I believe that the only brand it hasn’t been compared with is the YUGO.

    2 Thumbs up for Subaru!

  • Aaron

    The Impreza is not built on a corolla. Subaru and Toyota did a joint venture with the brz/fr-s but do not collaborate on any other models. However, Toyota owns close to a quarter of Fuji Heavy Metal industries, the parent company of Subaru. Not sure where you got your facts. Also, the WRX will continue to have a boxer engine…

  • NiteOwl_OvO

     I don’t know… Toyota/Subaru co-developed boxer engines, Toyota and Subaru cars being built in the same plant, Toyota starts offering AWD on various models after buying into Subaru, Toyota and Subaru cars sharing common styling… You do the math.

  • Stu78

    They are not built in the same plant where do you get your information retard, Subaru almost pulled the pin on the BRZ and was going to let toyota go alone on the project, they also have been developing boxer engines before toyota bought a share, fed up with retards that make up there own shit!!

  • NiteOwl_OvO


    You are offensive and apparently can’t Google to save your life. You should really think before you post, but that would likely be a new thing for you. The Subaru SIA plant in Indiana builds all US Subaru models and the Toyota Camry. The latest Subaru boxer engine (2.0/2.5 L) was heavily influenced by Toyota. The engine is more compact and is intended to meet US federal emissions mandates.

    I have to look at a 2013 WRX every day. All I see is Toyota sheet metal with Subaru fenders and hood. It may be Subaru where it counts, but the Toyota influence is definitely there. Bye.

  • Marc Morrisette

    I really want this concept wrx 2015. When can I order mine?

  • allenegg

    @ AutoGuide………why the silent videos with no sound ? ? This seems to be the thing with all your videos.

  • ColumWood

    @allenegg Are you still having the issue? We aren’t finding any issues on our end. It may have just been a glitch.