Subaru WRX Concept Video, First Look

Subaru WRX Concept Video, First Look

Previewing what is to come to one of its most popular performance cars, Subaru unveiled the WRX Concept at the 2013 New York Auto Show.

No information was released on the drivetrain, but expect it to be a turbocharged powerplant. Compared to the current WRX, the concept is 2.3 inches shorter in overall length, 3.7 inches wider and 3.7 inches lower. That lower roof will help improve the car’s center of gravity, as will the carbon fiber it’s made of. The concept also gets a carbon fiber rear diffuser.

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Check out our first look video below.

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GALLERY: Subaru WRX Concept Live Photos


GALLERY: Subaru WRX Concept

Subaru-WRX-Concept (22).jpgSubaru-WRX-Concept (1).jpgSubaru-WRX-Concept (11).jpgSubaru-WRX-Concept (10).jpgSubaru-WRX-Concept (14).jpgSubaru-WRX-Concept (15).jpgSubaru-WRX-Concept (16).jpg

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  • MistyGreen

    I can see it: Design expert A: “oo and then let’s draw this line all the way back, just enough to parallel the taillights!”  Intern: “but what happens to the rear windows?”  Design expert B: “Yea, that’s great!  And we can overlap it even more by starting the taillight curve over the rear fenders!”  Intern: “but rear passenger room will..” “What a great excuse for huge wheel flares!!”

    oh dear.  It’s only a concept, right?

  • Invalid-Username


  • Invalid-Username

    Uhhh…why would someone concerned with rear seat room buy a WRX? it doesn’t make sense at all. I’m glad they’re doing something do daring with this new generation WRX. Even more excited to see the STi!

  • Matthew Mewett

    WOW! stunning. Not a huge fan of the side mirrors, but they are different I’ll give then that, and though look small are probably extremely functional. The lights look great, the diffuser is awesome. That paint is amazing. My only real question is – what on earth is this guy talking about that the WRX never really looked good? Maybe its a preference thing, but I have always loved them, and continue to love them as they get more refined!

  • Bruce Dickinson

    it’s a WRX, it’s amazing… again!

  • noel steele

     wrong. wrx’s and sti’s have always been four door coupes. if you want two doors, buy the BRZ

  • Invalid-Username

    Please quote where I said otherwise. The comment was strictly pertinent to rear seat room. I didn’t make any mention of it being a coupe. There are plenty of cars with 4 doors, but rear seat room being secondary to style/performance/etc. You want a good example? Look no further than the Mazda RX-8. Sure, it technically has 4 doors, but large rear seat room is definitely not something a future owner should be expecting.

  • Ghost

    Get out of my way, hear me roar……

  • conrad testamark

    it will look go as a two door also!and i hope it’s a v8 or a rotory 7,9,5,8 or a inline5,7.8,9 engines;and hp around777-800,liters about5.0-5.8,topspeed455-777,torque about777-800,rpm’s10,000-11,000,0-62 in 3.0,redline 77.