Suzuki Announces End of Automobile Sales in Canada

Suzuki Announces End of Automobile Sales in Canada

Suzuki Canada Inc. (SCI) has announced that it will realign its business operations in order to focus on long-term growth for its Motorcycle, ATV, and Marine Divisions, resulting in transitioning out of the automobile business in Canada.

This doesn’t come as a huge surprise considering the Japanese automaker had already filed Chapter 11 in America. Suzuki however will continue producing and supplying 2014 model year vehicles to SCI, but after the 2014 model year it will discontinue production of new vehicles for Canada.

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SCI has also confirmed that it will carry on servicing its products through and after its realignment process. All warranties on vehicles will be honored and SCI automobile parts and service will continue to be provided to customers without interruption through its dealer network. It will be working with its current dealers for a smooth transition from new automobile sales to exclusively warranty and service operations. SCI will be providing its dealers with at least 12 months to make the transition.

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  • smartacus

    they’re doing the right thing by paring down the company before eventually being taken over.

  • Birchcover

    Is Mitsubishi next?