Top 10 Most Expensive States for Car Insurance

Top 10 Most Expensive States for Car Insurance

1. Louisiana - $2,699 Average Annual Premium

Finally, the most expensive state for car insurance in 2013 is Louisiana with an average annual premium of $2,699. Compared to the rest of the country, data shows that Louisiana drivers who get into accidents file more bodily injury claims than drivers in other states. The state also has a high rate of comprehensive claims, including damage from natural disasters. Some point to Louisiana’s judicial system for having expensive insurance rates; the state has lawsuits with claims under $50,000 going before a judge rather than a jury. Many believe elected judges are more likely to side with the local residents than insurance companies.

  • Jeffreysofhawaii

    Washington DC is now a State ?

  • Jeff

    Michigan’s auto Insurance has gotten to be so out of hand. It’s more than doubled in the past 3 years. I went from paying about 1000$ a year to over 2400$ a year. I had 1 pt. on my licence when I was paying 1000$ with not one single claim now I have 2 pts on my licence and still never have I had a claim on my auto insurance? This is legal stealing that the state of michigan is doing and our government needs to step in or this troubled state is going to dig itself in a hole that we the people will never beable to get out of. It’s sad what the Insurance companies in Michigan are doing to its people and our government doesn’t even care

  • Joseph

    Michigan is in trouble! Increased insurance rates, registration fees, and gas taxes that have been proposed this year will have a negative effect on the revenue the state generates from me. People will be forced to drop insurance coverage, and will not register vehicles. I have decided that it is not worth the cost to register and insure as many vehicles as I did in the past. I will now operate two vehicles instead of four. By my math the fund, and the state has just lost money. I will keep my extra vehicles parked until there is a demand for them