Top 10 Most Replaced Vehicle Components After Three Years

Top 10 Most Replaced Vehicle Components After Three Years

1. Battery

Finally, the number-one replaced component on 2010 model year vehicles according to J.D. Power and Associates’ 2013 Vehicle Dependability Study is the car’s battery. Six percent of owners reported having to replace their vehicle’s battery a year leading up to the survey, marking a 0.4 percent improvement over last year.

That said, now would probably be a good time to check your vehicle’s battery with some easy steps. First, disconnect your battery after shutting off the engine so you can work on it safely. Clean off any powdery deposits you can find on the positive and negative terminals by using some baking soda on each terminal and an old toothbrush. Next, dry everything with a clean, lint-free rag while avoiding to get any of the powdery substance on your skin or clothes. You can then reconnect the battery terminals (positive first, negative second) and check to make sure your cables and clamps aren’t damaged. Lastly, do a physical check to make sure your battery doesn’t have any noticeable cracks or obvious damage on it. If so, replace it right away.

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    Wait, what? Brake rotors are #3, but brake pads don’t even make the list? Or are they not considered a vehicle component, in which case why are light bulbs and keys taken into consideration?