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 |  Mar 25 2013, 8:31 AM

Cowboy Up


Once upon a time trucks were built for work. They had manual door locks, crank windows and AM radios, if they had any sound system at all. Leather seats, air conditioning and voice-activated distractions were out of the question. Like a framing hammer, pickups were simple and effective.

For decades they were purpose-made for hard-working men (and women), the kind of folks that make Paul Bunyan look like a dragqueen. But somewhere along the line these roughneck vehicles became cool with the subdivision set. People living in suburbia started to buy them en masse. With sales increasing so did the clarion call for more comfort.

Today it’s easy to push a simple truck’s window sticker well into luxury-car territory… and beyond. Sure, these vehicles can still handle a 14-hour day on the jobsite and are even more capable than their forebears, but more often than not they’re loaded with costly options that appeal to style-conscious shoppers rather than blue-collar workers. Here’s a list of 10 pricey pickups tailor-made for urban cowboys. The MSRPs are listed without incentives, so actual pricing may vary.

  • Jhruzek

    You need to consider the Ford Raptor.  It is a serious mid-life crisis handler!

  • GMC fan

    The GMC HD Denali with the duramx diesel is much nicer than the #1 ford platinum… and it comes with a much better engine with more capacity.

  • Henry ‘effin’ Ford

    After that pathetic Obama bail-out, I’ll never go for supporting Government Motors, screw that.  I’ll go Ford or an import before I support government owned industries.

  • vance

    Man that Denali is one beautiful truck.

  • JerseyBiker

    You have a problem with the government saving thousands of good American jobs and saving an American institution form possibly going under? Not to mention all of the other companies and jobs that depend on car manufacturing. Obviously you are just a racist and hate the president so much you would rather see people lose their jobs.

  • ByGolly

    I have a problem with people like you saying someone is a racist because they disagree with the decisions made by the President, who just happens to be black.  You’re a racist-monger.  

    I think what you don’t understand is that had GM been left to file bankruptcy, it would have helped the company out.  One of the big downfalls of GM was the USW contract, and example is people who were laid off were still getting paid a full wage complete with benefits.  No business can function like that.  Had GM been left to their fate, the company would have emerged more compact and more competitive.  The USW contract would have been dissolved and GM would have been in a better position to negotiate a contract that was more fair for everyone.  Yes, people would have lost jobs, but those would have been replaced as GM bounced back and been able to create more jobs under a more secure company.

    I’ve been a Chevy man my whole life, and I just bought my first Tundra.    

  • Superglider

    they’re all LOCOmotives in my book.  You need an RV garage to park them indoors, and forget about parallel parking… ROFL

  • Hnd2hnd99

    Well said… it is true that if you say anything about the current President you are labeled a racist.. I don’t remember people say .” your a racist when Bush got blamed for whatever this President can’t handle.. We should all be allowed to call it like it is…. it is the JOB that   he is doing that I have a problem with.. NOT his color… 

  • http://www.facebook.com/buddy.blake.18 Buddy Blake

    i own a 05 chevy duramax and do not believe he should have bailed out chevy anymore than any other co.that had poor management with there money, our half and half leader who is a joke should have let free enterprise work just like it always has. He had no right to pick and choose who survived and who did not. i would never have bought a chevy after this loser leader we have got involved. chevy would swim or sink just like alot of other co. have done so.

  • vance

    Do any of you dipsticks that are blaming Obama for bailing out GM have a clue? Do you even have a clue that Ford was given a loan right before the bailout? Do you realize Toyota was propped up by Japan govt. due to the recession? Do you know that Bush started the bailout for Gm And Dodge, and not Obama? Do you have the slightest idea how far the supply chain would have been effected if Detroit would have been allowed to go bancrupt? Do you have a clue about anything economic beyond your piggy banks? 2 presidents, one republican and one democrat, were smart enough to not let Detroit, Japan and all the supply chain to go under. The recovery is real. Do yourselfs a favor and grow up. What are you president of besides your inflated ego and your beer cave? My god guys, get over it, all the whining will not reverse the bailout. Nobody cares if you will never buy a Chevy again, enough people will that nobody really cares what you buy instead. Move on with your life, find something worthwhile to whine about. Sounds like a bunch of girls on the playground.

  • http://www.facebook.com/rick.kimbrell Rick Kimbrell

    You may well need a RV garage to park them indoors but if you can afford the truck and can afford the garage, why not? As far as parallel parking is concerned, maybe if you live “up east” y’all may still do that stuff but down in the South and SW, we have parking garages and parking lots.

  • randy

    in my opinion this list is about as far away as you can get! honestly the only truck I would buy is the f450. I mean seriously at the very least the top 4 should be all diesels.

  • TurnpikeDemon

    Your opinion ONLY. Which is as useless as teets on a boar hog!

  • TurnpikeDemon

    Another whiny ass lib with brains on recall.

    As usual, the clueless are the libs!

  • TurnpikeDemon

    Another Dirt Face lover. Hows that brown spot on your mouth working for you?

  • vance

    Thanks for a comment from the minority. Talk about brainless whiny ass clueless dipsticks, I’ll bet you are happy to be in the conservative minority that can’t find a candidate honest enough to get elected. If the best you can come up with can’t beat the current president in the current situation, you better get used to liberals, they will be in charge from here on out.

  • your neighbor

    What are doing here on a truck forum, I know you drive a Prius. You should buy your man card back and get a truck. 14 IQ going to rule the world.

  • festmatt5440

    Since you ‘re calling names ; I’ ll just call you ‘ , an , ignorant ‘ , f o o l “.

  • festmatt5440

    You ‘ ; don ‘t have a , clue ‘.

  • festmatt5440

    If you ‘re unable to parallel park ; then go back and take your driver’s training , over again .

  • CorprateFarmer21

    This article missed the point. Though I agree a lot of trucks have become grossly expensive and obnoxious these trucks serve an staple in the American market. Rich folks with big toys to haul. It isn’t for “hauling rocks or wood” it is for hauling a huge ostentatious boat, racecar, or other toy. Rich folks don’t want to rattle down the road in a beer can with seats. They want a Mercedes with a towing capacity.

  • Nancy Jo

    Ok, So we’ve seen what the wanna be’s like and can afford. Now show the list of truck for the REAL COWGIRLS and BOYS. I wouldn’t by anything on this list! Yuppie’s have ruined it for the working man once again.

  • Colum Wood

    Good point! I think we’ll do a post on trucks for real cowboys! Watch for it soon.

  • ethan

    When I had my megacab I missed out on a lot of parallel parking. So he doesn’t need go to driving school.

    I was messing around and the test spot was like 2 feet longer than my truck. Can I get it in? Ya. Still alot of spaces I couldn’t get into

    BTW I’ve had a CDL-A for 2 years now.

    Should I go back to driving school?

  • civilguy

    How many airlines filed for bankruptcy in the past 15 years and how many are still flying? How many have merged? How many were bailed out? ZERO! How many airline unions disappeared?

  • Rexford L

    I’ve tried to take my 2012 Ram 2500 crew cab 4×4 into a few parking garages.. they aren’t made for a vehicle that’s close to 7 ft tall, so you can mark those off your list of places to park in.

  • Jim

    Christ……the average truck buyer can neither afford, nor does he want a truck he/she can’t use like a tuck. I drive a 2005 Tundra 4×4 crew cab with over 100k miles on it. It hauls a 3 ton travel trailer, 2 messy kids, firewood, mulch, trash to the dump, and the list goes on. This is what I need a reasonably priced truck for. I don’t know about you, but I can’t afford “pretty”. All I need is reliable and functional. Whoever decides to make that truck, will get my trade in.

  • Jim

    Christ……the average truck buyer can neither afford, nor does he want a truck he/she can’t use like a tuck. I drive a 2005 Tundra 4×4 crew cab with over 100k miles on it. It hauls a 3 ton travel trailer, 2 messy kids, firewood, mulch, trash to the dump, and the list goes on. This is what I need a reasonably priced truck for. I don’t know about you, but I can’t afford “pretty”. All I need is reliable and functional. Whoever decides to make that truck, will get my trade in.

  • Frank Baine

    Need another category here for just the luxo-duallies. The RAM 3500 offers as much as the F450 . More if you opt for the HD tranny which boosts the haul cap up to 30k lbs for less moolah. Of course if you’re already in the $60,000 range, who cares.

  • TheChairman

    Nobody can lie, steal, and propagandize like Obama. He’s the best.