Top 10 Most Inconspicuous New Vehicles

Top 10 Most Inconspicuous New Vehicles

8. Chevrolet Silverado

It is hard for a vehicle this massive to be anonymous, but when the styling of Chevrolet’s full-size pick-up trucks hasn’t dramatically changed since Reagan left office, it is easy to just view these workhorses as a ‘pickup truck’ rather than a ‘Silverado’. Next year we get an all-new Silverado; spoiler alert – it looks basically the same.

  • P.F. Bruns

    Regarding the Silverado: I think you mean “…since Reagan left office.” Granted, Donald Regan was his Secretary of the Treasury from 1981-1985, but other than advocating what later became known as “Reaganomics,” he isn’t remembered too often.

  • MistyGreen

    You forgot the CODA!!!  I was so excited to see the Coda take spot #1.  It is the definition of bland, outdated, inconspicuous, please-ignore-me styling.  The Kia Sedona definitely gives it a run for its money though.

  • Abc

    What car is in the first photo?

  • Colum Wood
  • george wuichet

    it looks like a Kia Optima.

  • lab_rat

    The car in the first photo is a Kia Optima… thinly disguised… and poorly photographed


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