Top Ten Least Imaginative Car Names

Top Ten Least Imaginative Car Names

1. Renault Le Car

When AMC began importing the Renault 5 to North America, they decided to stick the world’s most uninspired, unromantic and matter-of-fact name in automotive history by calling it ‘The Car’. Oh, but wait, it was a French car, so ‘Le Car’ was more fitting and far more exotic (sarcasm).

Then again, considering how small (and odd) it was, perhaps the name and the massive “Le Car” vinyls on the side were a much-needed way of letting people know that it was, in fact, an automobile. Apparently, they should have been more obvious, because no one bought it.

Photo Courtesy of FlickrLickr

  • smartacus

    uh… you bathsalt suppository zombies left out SCION iQ
    and the “legendary”  Acura… Legend  yeeaaah now there’s a car name!

  • I remember there was a car called Renault 5 (Cinq) Five 

  • Michelle Williams

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  • Wolf

    If this is all you can write, you need to go into another line of work.  You start by dissing the engineers.  How elitist of you, the engineers are smarter than you, jerk.  Your choices of bad names for cars suck, too.  Turnpike Cruiser was a great name for an early long distance capable domestic sedan and had a lot of status in the late 1950’s so actually a great name.  Everyone recognized what VW was doing with their early utility vehicle with WWII staff car looks, and the Thing was popular and memorible.  BTW, you didn’t even mention Acura, which has degenerated into a sorry excuse for a car line with even worse names for the various poor vehicles Acura is producing.  I bought a new Acura Integra in 1987.  I liked the car but always questioned the naming convention for the car line and that model.  If was a good car until the timing belt failed at half its projected life and ruined the engine.

  • fox

    I agree with Wolf