Tour the Mazda Museum Online Thanks to Google Streetview

Tour the Mazda Museum Online Thanks to Google Streetview

What better way to experience a car museum than through the eyes of a car? That, at least, is the thinking of the folks at Mazda who have opened up the Mazda Museum in Hiroshimi, Japan to anyone with a computer thanks to the technology of Google Streetview.

Brand fans can now take a virtual tour through five areas of the facility, including the Entrance Hall, the History and Future areas as well as the Technology and Rotary Engine exhibits – a must for Mazda nerds. The displays take visitors through the company’s 93 year history in incredible detail. In fact, Google Streetview not only allows a 360 degree view of the museum, but can zoom in far enough to make the multi-lingual displays readable.

Notable museum highlights include the Mazda Cosmo Sport from the 1960s, RX-7 models from the ’70s and ’80s, as well as the original Mazda MX-5.

Of course, those who prefer the real thing can always make the lengthy trip to Japan, where the guided tours are available and can be booked at or by telephone at +81 (0) 82-252-5050. Just like on the internet, admission is free.

To visit the Mazda museum virtually, just head to or click here.

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