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 |  Mar 05 2013, 8:32 AM

With a claimed 261-mpg rating, the Volkswagen XL1 is the most fuel efficient car in the world while sporting a design like no other car on the road today.

The production model of the XL1 made its official debut at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show today, with a fuel consumption of 0.9 liters per 100 km. According to the German automaker, the two-seater hybrid can be driven up to 31 miles in pure electric mode. It barely tips the scales at over 1,750 pounds and has a drag coefficient of just 0.189, and a low center of gravity.

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The XL1 is powered by a 47-hp, two-cylinder turbo-diesel engine paired with a 27 hp (20 kW) electric motor. All the power is sent through a seven-speed, dual-clutch transmission and can accelerate to 62 mph in 12.7 seconds.

With a side-by-side seating position, this is not (we reapeat, NOT) a concept car. VW will make just 250 models with a price rumored to be close to $100,000.

GALLERY: Volkswagen XL1


GALLERY: Volkswagen XL1


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  • EvolveNow

    Why is this car not already the standard for all commuter cars going forward?

  • VWgti

    Ugly and unaffordable, what more would a consumer want.

  • Needspf

    Sooooooo it gets a million miles to the gallon but costs 100K and while its “not a concept car” they are only making 250 of them??!! Please….what a joke it would take 7 years just to “break even” on fuel if I traded my 43mpg Passat diesel and I would sacrifice 113 hp, three seats and a trunk.  VW like most auto manufactures are completely clueless when it comes to reality and the actual means and needs of the people who buy their products.

  • HighDesert

    Unusual, rare, costly … maybe Jay Leno will buy one and we can vicariously participate in the hybrid elite. Come on, VW, why not just bring back the GX3 as a reality … small, lightweight, frugal, and fun.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_TBYVZPWK4UUAJMF62237CD4XXQ Geoff

    Great a car few can afford that would change the world…typical.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_TBYVZPWK4UUAJMF62237CD4XXQ Geoff

    They should call it the ‘Homer’

  • Metrodubs

    Looks like the old Honda Insight. 

  • tncanoeguy

    Well, as we know these technologies will eventually work their way down (dare I say trickle down) the price point ladder. 

  • Free_webapps

    I wonder if the fellas over at top gear uk got this combination patient. In essence a diesel generator connected to bats to keep charged while the bats power the motor. They built a proof of concept car back in 2010 I believe. I thought they were on to something and then GM was the 1st to mass produce such a combination with its volt. Now vw.

    I wonder who will be next. Correction: it was in 2009 season/series 14 episode 2. They called their car Geoff. Those guys are f’in funny. Love’em!

  • Garyr1

     The reason is that the US DOT will never allow a car light enough to get decent MPG to be made available to the US market, because you can’t make a car both light and “like a tank” crash survivable.  Adding side-view mirrors alone will cut the efficiency of this kind of car by 20%, and DOT won’t allow cars without side view mirrors.  Weight and fuel efficiency are impossible to decouple.  Reform the DOT and their senseless safety mandates and you will see lots of cars like this hit the market.  Tell all the safety nazis to go after motorcycles if they feel some need to protect us from ourselves.

  • Captainactionface

    “WE made a car that gets over 200 MPG, these babies could usher in a new age of super efficient commuter vehicles and significantly reduce our dependency on oil. Oh, yeah, we’re only making 250 of them.”

  • GT Frank

    I bet the 250 will be sold out in days after the first orders are taken. Do you know how much this car will be worth in 10 years? 

  • Bill

    Lose the carbon fibre and it’s cost. Then you could sell it for 50k and still get perhaps 150 mpg with a car weighing slightly more, sell hundreds of thousands instead of 250. VW really could make a difference. Please do it!!!!

  • GT Frank

    Vw says they are considering putting the same drive-train in the POLO. That should get over 100 real world mpg and be under 30k U.S.

  • Joshua Brown

    So, the money you save in fuel just goes towards the price of the car.

    But we’re reducing emissions, man!  So it’s worth it, right?  Until you realize that carbon-fiber production creates more CO2 per pound than any other automotive material in use today and, you know, the car is all carbon-fiber.

    So in a way, it IS still a concept, since it’s so impractical right now.  Still, a sign of amazing things to come. in terms of fuel economy and faggy styling.

  • Joshua Brown

    Um, because they cost $100,000?  Because the money you save in fuel will be eaten up by the cost of the car?  Because producing the carbon fiber for the body and the batteries for the electric motor produce more CO2 than any other material produced for the automotive industry today?  Because when you recharge your hybrid vehicle’s battery, you’re plugging it into an outlet which is powered by (usually) a coal plant?  And all of these things, taken as a whole, make the entire point of driving such a vehicle completely pointless?  The entire design and implementation of the beast is a literal contradiction on wheels?  And until those costs and environmental concerns are no longer an issue, this vehicle is still a “concept” in the strictest sense of the word?  Oh, and the fact that you’d die a horrendous death if you crashed this into any object stronger than a pillow?  And that it’s only got two seats and no trunk?  Ya know?  

  • guest

    so many people on here don’t understand technology.  Things will cost a lot and not mass produce at the beginning.  This is a step in the right direction.  Remember the computers of the 90′s, cost $4K, size of a VW, and ran slow.  Look at the computer today, fits right in your pocket, can take pictures, make phone calls, and send sms text messages.  Okay, this car is not affordable, but I love how VW is attempting to push the bar a bit higher for company like Toyota and Honda.  More competition leads to better cheaper product for consumers.  Who said a light car can’t be safe?  Have you seen the test results of LFA?  Carbon fiber is stronger than steal, and pair that up with other system like airbags.  Stopping saying things are “IMPOSSIBLE”, while the person next to you are doing it.  People like you are just pest to the human race.  Thanks VW for producing this!  Send out a message that fossil fuel is just fossil technology.  We have the resource and brain power to do so much more than 40 MPG.

  • Tuffers15

    NOT a concept, but it is a but ugly freak…

  • Info

    stupid price!  The 100MPG (imp) Lupo 3L and A2 1.2 TDIs were much more practical and affordable despite Alloy construction and technology 10 years ahead of the game.

  • GT Frank

    Do you work for big oil? The price will come down as production moves up. Commuting to work how much trunk space do you need? The VW grope is the most profitable automotive company on the planet. They will figure out how to use this technology to pull ahead in fuel consumption on all their production cars.  They have a seven passenger  SUV for the American market with the same technology that is getting 100 mpg, 35 mpg after the battery is depleted.

  • Hardrockfan2008

    Good God that thing is fugly. And 100k, vw is officially insane. The mpgs doesn’t come anywhere close to justifying the price. You might as well buy a giant truck that gets 12mpg for half the price you would still come out ahead

  • GT Frank

    For 100k you get a 1 of 250 custom hand built car from the V.W. group. Just park it in your living room for 20 years than sale it and retire..

  • http://www.facebook.com/treeweezel Paul Blichmann

    Obviously this isn’t going to save the world because it’s poor people that drive the most, with the worst technique, in the worst cars, in the worst shape.  Public transport not personal transport is the ultimate answer.

    But if you’re going to complain about price consider the following:  what’s an Audi R8 cost?  Which is a more impressive machine?  Which would get you more good looks?  Ignore performance disparacy for a minute because people generally don’t care (and those that truly care should have a track car) and I’m seeing this as serving the same purpose, but better cheaper and greener.

  • GT Frank

    ” it’s poor people that drive the most, with the worst technique, in the worst cars, in the worst shape.”   Wow.

  • Richard Joash Tan

    Amazing car, amazing design, amazing looks, only to completely and utterly fail with the pricing and production count. I look forward to the next run.

  • johnboy

    Computers were 2 K I know I bought a 486DX2 66MHZ in 93.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=617561473 Mark Dupree

    Rather VW come out with that 2003 VW microbus concept.

  • Christian

    Too bad it isn’t affordable. VW could be the number one car maker at 261MPG

  • Mark Brown

    VW didn’t do this to sell cars to everyman. They didn’t do it to make money. This was an internally driven project to force themselves and their industry into a goal that wasn’t being driven by the bottom line but rather by potential. As I understand it their goal was to build a ‘production car’ that got 230mpg….apparently 250 cars is considered production and they outdid their mpg goal. We’ve all heard the conspiracy theorists talk about the 150mpg carburetors that never make it to market. Well, VW apparently just proved to the world that a 260mpg car is possible…I say bravo. Of course it’s expensive, only 250 of any car would be expensive and this one has been engineered to the nines. I can’t find the article but I’m told they are also leasing them throughout Germany for a month at a time so the people get to experience them. Once again, well done.

  • Chris

    Why bother? Tesla requires ZERO fuel, has a very long range, hits 60 MPH in 3.4 seconds, looks better, and costs less. It’s an *actual* supercar, not a snail with a sleek (depending on your tastes) look.

  • Mac Camp

    Well Honda claimed 47mpg for years, only got 27.
    Prius claimed 80 mpg, only got 26.
    So, this blob should get between 85 & 150 in the real world.
    Even that won’t get it into the U.S. EPA will want more cyanide output.

  • dan

    I got 50mpg in a Masda powered Ford Escort 2.0 Diesel(1984) for the 12 years before I had to retire it….and yes I have all of the documentation

    a friends VW diesel was doing nearly as well

  • M.Saeed

    At a price tag of about $100,000 it cannot be called a Volkswagen meaning “peoples’ car”.

  • Mark Joseph Renchner-Kelly

    0-60 is 4.6 seconds in the P85.. where u gettin your stats