VW Boss Sees No Future for Hydrogen Fuel Cell Cars

VW Boss Sees No Future for Hydrogen Fuel Cell Cars

While Japanese and Korean automakers such as Hyundai, Toyota, and Honda are investing into hydrogen fuel cell-equipped vehicles, German automaker Volkswagen believes they have failed to live up to promises and aren’t cost-efficient to produce.

Though Volkswagen CEO Martin Winterkorn did state that the automaker will continue to study hydrogen-fuelled vehicles, the CEO recently commented that Europe’s largest automaker is unlikely to join its competitors in producing those vehicles.

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Winterkorn expects plug-in hybrids and natural gas engines to prevail over the next decade as alternatives to standard gasoline and diesel powerplants.

“I do not see the infrastructure for fuel cell vehicles, and I do not see how hydrogen can be produced on large scale at reasonable cost,” said Winterkorn during a press conference at the automaker’s headquarters. “I do not currently see a situation where we can offer fuel cell vehicles at a reasonable cost that consumers would also be willing to pay.”

Volkswagen’s stance is in sharp contrast to global rival Toyota, which has made a commitment to Hydrogen Fuel Cell cars, and has even gone so far as to announce it will begin public sale of such a vehicle in 2015. At last year’s Tokyo Motor Show, Toyota revealed a Prius-like concept called the FCV-R, hinting at just how important it believes hydrogen fuel cells will be.

[Source: Automotive News]

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