Five-Point Inspection: 2013 Honda Civic Sedan

Five-Point Inspection: 2013 Honda Civic Sedan

3. Quicker steering, stiffer suspension, better overall

Throwing around words like ‘up-scale’ and ‘quiet’ you may be tricked into thinking the new Civic has become soft and pillowy, with loose driving dynamics. Don’t let the thought linger for long, however, as the new car is in fact sharper than the last model.

Its electric power steering has been tuned up and is quicker than before. Beyond the steering, the car’s stiffer front springs and beefier front sway bar help it feel composed and confident on the road, especially when taking corners.

While a sportier Civic does exist (the Si model), the base car has that fun-to-drive and responsive attitude that you expect from Honda, something we haven’t seen in some time.

  • bmac

    We have two new 2013 Honda Civics. The quality and workmanship on both cars are
    excellent! We are surprised that this car has not been given more recognition given the
    drastic change from the 2012 model. We have owned many cars over the years but we
    both agree that these Civics are the best cars we have ever owned!

  • Auntetr

    I have a 2012. Thank GOD I dont have that cheesy chrome grill!!!!

  • Randy Cook

    Why should we 2012 owners be pleased with these “amazing” changes from Honda? I bought the 2012 on the strength of decades of Honda quality and I feel duped by a major car maker cheapening the product to pad their bottom line.

  • S C

    I have the ’13 EXL w Navi — while not a luxury car, it’s an automobile with more refinement than ever before. A class of its own in my opinion. And it’s 25k less than so many cars that have similar gadgets. Look around at new styles right now; they all have chrome (and it’s all plastic, too).

  • S C

    Hey! AutoGuide! The wheels displayed on the (Civic) in these photos ARE NOT the stock wheels on any ’13 Civic!


  • Gus

    This is 2013 Civic EX

  • JB

    thats a civic touring not ex

  • S C D S


  • Edwin Mundo



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