2014 Mercedes S-Class Gets Heated Arm Rests, Built-in Perfume Dispenser

2014 Mercedes S-Class Gets Heated Arm Rests, Built-in Perfume Dispenser

As unorthodox as it seems, Mercedes-Benz has been slowly revealing its 2014 S-Class flagship sedan from the inside out.

So just what all does the 2014 S-Class pack inside? For starters, there is a pair of 12.3-inch TFT digital screens in the dash, with the left screen displaying the speedometer and tachometer while the right screen is your standard infotainment display. To give the instruments a free-standing appearance, ambient lighting is used. As for the two-spoke steering wheel, Mercedes has confirmed that it’ll be exclusive to the flagship sedan model and can be purchased as a heated unit. Another fancy option the S-Class will offer to buyers is heated armrests.

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Flexing its focus on the Chinese market, a new individual climate control system has been integrated called Thermotronic. Since pollution has become a major issue in China, the new Thermotronic system features two combined filters – one for fine dust, and one made from activated charcoal filters. To help freshen the air, an ionizing system can filter out various viruses and spores.

To give the door panels a more upscale feel, the only plastic buyers will be finding is the lining of the aperture for the door release. Elsewhere on the door panel they’ll find either wood, leather, or aluminum. Now for the focus on the rear interior, long-wheelbase models will have the option of “Executive” reclining individual seats. This will allow the backrest on the nearside rear seat to tilt 43.5 degrees while the “Chauffeur” package allows the front seat to be pushed forward.

To top it all off, the German automaker has teamed up with perfume specialist Marc vom Ende to include a built-in atomizer in the S-Class. It’s a $4,600 option and can diffuse five different scents into the cabin.

GALLERY: 2014 Mercedes-Benz S-Class Interior


[Source: Autocar UK]

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