2014 Subaru Forester Recalled for Curling Floor Mats

2014 Subaru Forester Recalled for Curling Floor Mats

Subaru is recalling its recently released 2014 Forester over concerns that the floor mats can curl if exposed to heat. 

Due to the backing on the floor mats not meeting manufacturer’s specifications, the floor mats may curl when met with heat, which can be a serious issue for the driver. A curled floor mat can interfere with the operation of the pedals, and cause a distraction to anyone driving the vehicle — or acceleration… Just ask Toyota.

Approximately 10,137 Foresters built between January and March 2013 are affected by the recall.

Subaru will contact affected owners, and replace all four floor mats in potentially affected vehicles, free of charge. For more information, owners can contact Subaru at (800) 782-2783.

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  • Two Time Subie Owner…

    Well if would be nice if they addresses the 2012
    Forester puddle light recall! I am still waiting on the for mine, -and it’s a potential fire hazard they said, NOT GOOD SUBARU two years in a row a Forester recall…. Hmmmmm….

  • ned in parkville md

    Hah, but they didn’t recall my old 2003…which ended up having the same old head-gasket problem as the earlier years…for a $2k repair…despite the fact they said they’d fixed it. O well, if this is all that’s wrong with it, I’ll be very happy. (LOVE the continuously variable transmission!) ned in parkville md

  • Kryl0n

    ^ Subaru recalls still don’t compare to other vehicle brands. Some have double digit recalls. For every one of their models… Both import & domestics.