2014 Subaru WRX Spied at the ‘Ring

2014 Subaru WRX Spied at the ‘Ring

At the New York Auto Show, Subaru wowed the crowds with the stylish WRX Concept, and now the brand is testing what will actually be the new WRX, with our spy photographers managing to grab some pictures of it on the Nurburgring. 

The new WRX was originally expected to sit on an entirely new platform separate from the current Impreza, but Subaru confirmed to AutoGuide at the New York Auto Show that the basic underpinnings will remain shared between the two cars. Compared to the current WRX, the auto show concept is 2.3 inches shorter in overall length, 3.7 inches wider and 3.7 inches lower.

The concept also debuted with a radical new look, which only partially carried over to the car we see testing in these photos.

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For power, the WRX is likely to adopt the turbocharged 2.0-liter FA20 engine that is found in the Forester XT and the Japanese market Legacy. In the Forester XT, it puts out 250 hp and 258 lb-ft of torque, while in the JDM Legacy the engine makes 296 hp and 295 lb-ft of torque. 

Subaru also said that the new WRX is set to become “much more street targeted,” rather than staying setup for off-road use, as the WRX has traditionally been known as a rally car. That probably means that the suspension will be stiffer, with less travel, providing better on road, and on track dynamics.

GALLERY: Next-Gen Subaru WRX


GALLERY: Subaru WRX concept


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  • Yutach

    soo… the concept was a gag.

  • Invalid-Username

    Nooo…they got rid of the cool taillights that curve inwards from the middle. Now there’s a turning signal there 🙁 Still, this car will be gorgeous if it’s anything close to the concept.

  • SubaruFan

    Sure would seem like it… That thing looks nothing like the concept. Guess I will be holding on to my BRZ afterall…

  • Greg

    I was so hoping that Subaru wouldn’t screw the new WRX up…but they sure did! This sucks…way to get me looking at a different car. At least now I don’t have to wait until September to buy a new car.

  • Jim

    Beautiful! Love the rear treatment, especially the bumped out fenders!

  • Me

    Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the all new 2014 Subaru lancer!

  • Jase

    Look hideous compare to the concept, or any other performance car on the market

  • Alexander Hossler

    They are discontinuing the evo in 2014 sorry track bums looks like the subaru sti won after all do you have brand faith guess Mitsubishi BETRAYED all you evo fan boys. Also who would want a toyota stock owned shifty 2015 wrx or sti Toyota plastic boxer engine bay ( look at the brz engine theres your future ) are you people stupid? retarded? cheap ,poor? who knows who cares ? All i know is MY 2014 impreza wrx sti has an Almost ALL metal engine bay metal intake manifold included ^^ and made in JAPAN! not the bum McDonald TBHQ (look that up ) usa were fat lazy minority’s or drug user people work in plants that TRY to sabotage the vehicles, not CHINA where Toyota builds there shit yaris’s with mercury or leaded plastic seriously that stuffs almost good enough for HVAC ! No ITS FROM 100% JAPAN! IMPORTED TO BE STREET RACE MODDERS DREAM CAR! FUN is what that sums up a 2011-2014 wrx sti. also try finding a used one for sale i dare you how many did you find not that many ? hmm I wonder why perhaps others have noticed whats coming around the corner?and I’m glad I financed instead of waiting to pay cash for the shit model thats coming out in 2015 YOU FOOLS DON’T YOU SEE ITS ALL A TRAP?! O_o the clues are obvious just open your eyes and look around you… also fuel economy is hell of alot better then my old m3 god that RWD v8 got 14 mpg my wallet hurts a little from it and your condemning the sti thats PERMANENT AWD that gets avg of 19 mpg? (thats what I’m getting in sport mode) damn these sheep blind yupi Americans to think I serve in there military proudly just to have them spout retarded dimwitted comments on the INTERNET I hope you do your research before you post and not buy a car for looks but for how it feels and drives you’d be happier and better off in life.