Audi Connect Refuelling Stop Finds the Cheapest Gas

Audi Connect Refuelling Stop Finds the Cheapest Gas

Audi connect is adding a new feature to its infotainment suite called Refuelling Stop, which will help vehicle owners locate the cheapest gas close by.

The new online service will show fuel prices at the push of a button and is currently available for the A3 family though it will roll out to the rest of Audi’s model lineup equipped with Audi connect in early May.

The service uses an online database to find the cheapest gas stations near the location of the vehicle, at the driver’s destination, or at any selectable location. One button push later, it’ll set that gas station as the next destination. In the current A3 family, the service will even take into account the type of gas required by the vehicle’s engine.

To have the service working, your Audi vehicle requires MMI Navigation plus and the optional online Bluetooth car phone or the Audi connect option in the A3 models.

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  • The new R-Link in Renault cars should be able to do this as well. For “a bit” less money I assume 🙂 And it can do it now.