BMW 1 Series Sedan Under Consideration

BMW 1 Series Sedan Under Consideration

Last year it was rumored that BMW would considering a 1 Series sedan model, and the German automaker recently confirmed that such a car is still a possibility.

Following the debut of the Audi A3 sedan at the 2013 Shanghai Motor Show, BMW representatives have revealed that the entry-level sedan model is under consideration, but there are no current plans to do it at the moment.

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In China alone, the segment makes up 5.5-million vehicle sales a year, and is the world’s biggest single segment. Another consideration is a MINI sedan model that would compete in the compact market. BMW is already investing heavily into small cars with a new front-wheel drive platform underpinning 20 models between both MINI and BMW.

“BMW is never shy of new segments,” said BMW sales and marketing boss, Ian Robertson in an interview with Auto Express. “There are no plans to do it at the moment, but do we want to do it? We’ll see…”

[Source: Auto Express]

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