BMW ActiveE Drivers Get Digital Tool, Goofy Name

BMW ActiveE Drivers Get Digital Tool, Goofy Name

Translated into english, Russians call their space explorers “cosmonauts.” Today, the world learned that Germans – or at least BMW – call people who drive ActiveE vehicles “Electronauts.”

BMW is launching a new “digital tool” called the Electronaut Effect. Aside from sounding like the sort of band people wearing glow sticks dance to, the app serves a useful purpose to the handful of people driving ActiveE vehicles.

It aggregates data from the 700 BMW ActiveEs and pats Electronauts on the back for all their hard environment-saving work. Pulling information from the 700 electric 1 Series cars currently humming around the country, drivers can learn about the range, cost savings, and environmental impact other drivers are experiencing.

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BMW says the farthest an Electronaut has travelled in a single day is 367.7 miles while other data suggests the community as a whole has covered 6.1 million miles.

There’s also a more in-depth tool available to ActiveE drivers that lets them look at data specific to their car as well as the entire fleet.

Update: The term “Electronauts” isn’t a new term. Hat tip to John for pointing that out.