BMW i3 Offers Gas-Powered Alternative Car, Follows Fiat

BMW i3 Offers Gas-Powered Alternative Car, Follows Fiat

To fight the scourge of range anxiety, BMW will include the use of a gasoline powered car to buyers of its upcoming i3 EV, as well as other perks to draw buyers in the the showrooms. 

Buyers of the i3 looking to go on a lengthy weekend trip or vacation will be able to borrow a conventional gasoline powered car from his or her dealership, if the roughly 100-mile maximum range of the i3 doesn’t cut it . In addition, BMW is also offering installation of a fast-charging system at customers homes for faster charging.

Other EVs, including the Nissan Leaf, have failed to live up to sales expectations. But BMW remains optimistic.

“We are confident we will earn money with every BMW i3 we sell from the launch on,” Harald Krueger, BMW’s head of production said at a conference.

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To ensure the i program is a money maker, BMW has reduced the amount of body parts in the i3 by two thirds, thanks in part to thermoplastic body panels that also don’t need a paint shop for color.

Much like EV maker Tesla has done here in the U.S., BMW is installing a series of fast chargers in Germany that will allow i3 owners to travel from Munich to Berlin, a distance of 366 miles, in an effort to expand the usability of their EVs.

[Source: Automotive News]

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