BMW Offering new Gear Box for Classic 328

BMW Offering new Gear Box for Classic 328

To support owners of its classic 328 sports car, BMW is offering complete original gearboxes available through BMW Group Classic. 

Only 464 of the cars were built between 1936 and 1940 — needless to say, transmission replacements can be hard to find. The new-old Hurth gearbox is being built thanks to a partnership between BMW Group Classic and ZF Transmissions.


While some small details were changed, like the use of new materials and the reinforcing of the bearing for second gear, the gearbox is almost identical to the one produced for late model year 328s. Both FIA and FIVA, the international body representing classic vehicle clubs, have confirmed the authenticity of the new transmission, which is important because owners who install it can enter in official classic car race events.

The new-old gearbox has already proved its durability at the 2012 Mille Miglia, the world’s best-known classic car race.

A production run of 55 of these gearboxes will be built and offered to 328 owners through the BMW Classic Center.

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