Certified Pre-Owned Supercars: McLaren Gets into the Used Car Business

Certified Pre-Owned Supercars: McLaren Gets into the Used Car Business

If a shiny new $240,000 McLaren MP4-12C is a little out of your price range, perhaps you should consider buying used?

That’s the thinking at McLaren Automotive, which just announced its new McLaren Qualified program selling pre-owned vehicles.

After the launch of its 12C and 12C Spider models and with rumors of a new (more affordable) entry-level model in the works, the British supercar maker is looking to make, “entry to the McLaren ownership experience more accessible.”

According to McLaren, “This means that each new owner can be safe in the knowledge that their McLaren has been fully qualified and updated to the latest specification, so it is as good, if not better, than when it first left the McLaren Production Centre.”

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What that means is that not only will each McLaren Qualified pre-owned model be given a bumper-to-bumper inspection, but it will also be brought up to date with the latest upgrades and software updates.

“The management and tight control of pre-owned vehicles is key to maintaining the exclusivity, customer experience and overall residual values of each McLaren,” said McLaren Automotive Sales and Marketing Director, Greg Levine. “This is something that is important to us and, more crucially, our customers. Through the McLaren Qualified programme, we are ensuring that the pre-owned McLaren ownership experience is a unique journey, that provides owners with the knowledge and confidence that every pre-owned 12C or 12C Spider is sold to McLaren standards.”

In addition to getting a like-new car at a better price, McLaren will also offer its bespoke “Special Operations” team so the new owner can customize the car to his or her taste. McLaren will also extend benefits to pre-owned customers including special events and exclusive track days.

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