Chevrolet Spark EV EPA Rated with 82-Mile Range

Chevrolet Spark EV EPA Rated with 82-Mile Range

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released official fuel consumption and range ratings for the Chevrolet Spark EV today.

According to the EPA Chevrolet’s little electric car is capable of a maximum 82-mile driving range and returns 119 MPGe in combined city and highway driving.

“We’re poised to deliver to the market an EV that’s not just efficient, but also thrilling to drive thanks to the 400 lb-ft torque output of its electric motor,” said Pam Fletcher, GM executive chief engineer for electrified vehicles.

Spark EVs get their power from a 21 kWh lithium-ion battery pack that puts out 130 hp and is covered by an eight-year, 100,000-mile limited warranty.

Using DC fast charging, the Spark EV can regain up to 80 percent of its capacity in approximately 20 minutes, while using a dedicated 240V outlet, charging will take “less than seven hours.”

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The Spark EV doesn’t quite beat the competition however, as Fiat recently unveiled the 500e, which tops the Spark EV with 87 miles of range, and a free gas-powered rental car if the owners want to take a long trip.

The Spark EV will be offered for sale this summer in California and Oregon.

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  • Chad Wilson

    The distance from Cincinnati to Columbus is roughly 100 miles via I-71. This car would never reach. What is the point of these short-distance cars? If you live in a city, you take the bus/subway and don’t need a car. If you live in rural suburbia, you require a normal car. Exactly what market are these toy cars intended?

  • Hello — distances in between. You assume everyone either lives within 2 miles of work or lives 40 miles away. There are tens of millions with commutes that fall somewhere in between. For the long-distances, you have a second gas car, or rent a car.

  • danwat1234

    Have you heard of Level 3 fast charging? That lets a short range electric car go anywhere fast chargers are located

  • I’ve burned less than 70 gallons of gas since July 1, 2012. I’m average 119.4 MPGe for almost 8,000 miles. When I do use gasoline I’m averaging 38 mpg. Not a toy by any means, but only those who it makes sense for should by one.

  • I live just outside Tampa. The ground isn’t far enough above sea level for subways, and taking the bus would be career suicide, since it takes 2-3 hours EACH WAY to get anywhere that’s anywhere, and then there’s usually up to a half mile of walking to one’s actual destination.

    However, the only time I typically drive more than 80 miles is when I drive to Orlando, so this car actually would meet my needs about 350 days of the year. For the rest of the time, I can borrow my wife’s car if need be.

    Oh, and since the I-4 corridor is a very fast-growing light industrial and information business sector, we expect Level 3 fast-charging systems online in just a few short years, so…yeah.