Classic Lamborghinis Heading to 2013 Techno Classica

Classic Lamborghinis Heading to 2013 Techno Classica

Continuing the celebration of its 50th anniversary, Lamborghini’s next stop is the 2013 Techno Classica in Essen where it’ll be bringing two supercars that have made automotive history.

The Italian automaker will be setting up shop at the event in pavilion seven with a classic 350 GT and a 1972 P 400 Miura SV. The 350 GT pays homage to the brand as the first mass-produced Lamborghini, while the 1972 P 400 is the final evolution of the legendary Miura, arguably the first super car with a modern design.

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Both vehicles heading to the event will be taken from the Lamborghini Museum at the company’s headquarters in Italy. In addition, Lamborghini will have an expert on replacement parts for classic cars at the event, providing information on original spare parts to classic Lamborghini models.

The 2013 Techno Classica opens to the public on Thursday, April 11.

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