Colored Carbon Fiber Created by UK Company

Colored Carbon Fiber Created by UK Company

Colored carbon fiber will be available soon thanks to U.K. automotive technology house Prodrive.

So far, the company has successfully built both red and green panels of the material. But those colors are only part of a validation process and don’t reflect limitations in the proprietary manufacturing process. The brand said in a statement that “advanced composite components in a range of stunning, deep-lustre colors can now be produced…”

“We’ve validated the technique with samples in really gorgeous, deep shades of maroon and British Racing Green under a glass-like lacquer,” Prodrive composites manager Ian Handscombe said. “It’s a substantial step beyond conventional carbon trim finishes, offering something very special for exclusive vehicle options and other luxury products.”

Presumably, Prodrive will charge a premium for the colored carbon fiber, although the company hasn’t specified what that might be.

  • Eric

    I doubt this is truly 100% carbon fiber that has a color to it. More likely the same as what’s been done for a while now – carbon fibers with colored fiberglass interwoven.