Detroit Electric SP:01 Debuts in Shanghai

Detroit Electric SP:01 Debuts in Shanghai

Detroit Electric debuted its SP:01 electric sports car over the weekend in Shanghai, calling it the world’s fastest pure-electric production sports car.

It can run from 0-62 mph in 3.7 seconds and offers a 155 mph top speed, but it raises questions any time an automaker claims to be the fastest. What defines the line between a “sports car” and, say, a “supercar.” Some might remember the Rimac Concept_One. It trounces the SP:01.

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For example, the SP:01 offers a 37 kWh battery with up to 190 miles of range according to the maker’s press release. Rimac says it’s car can travel up to 375 miles on a single charge, albeit with a much lager 92 kWh battery. But range isn’t the question here… acceleration is. And that leans in the same direction as range because the Concept_One is supposed to hit 60 mph in 2.8 seconds.

Production is limited on both, although there will only be 88 of the crazy Rimac supercars build and sold for a cool million each.  Detroit Electric said earlier this month that it will build 999 units and sell them for a comparatively reasonable $135,000 to start.

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