Fiat 500 XL Photo Leaked

Fiat 500 XL Photo Leaked

Confirming plans by Fiat to grow the brand by growing the size of its products, a photo of the Fiat 500 XL has leaked onto the net.

The amateur spy photo from inside a Fiat plant clearly shows a larger 500 L model, with space for a third row and seating for seven. It’s believed the new model could add as much as eight extra inches of length to the 500 L model, which sits at 163-inches.

It’s not yet confirmed if the 500 XL will be sold in North America, though the larger size is a strong indication that it could be offered here. If it does, look for the brand’s turbocharged 1.4-liter 4-cylinder under the hood. In Europe, expect a 1.3-liter Multi-Jet diesel to be the preferred option.

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