Former Fisker Employees Sue Company Over Layoffs

Former Fisker Employees Sue Company Over Layoffs

Fisker recently announced that it was letting go of about 160 of its employees, and now those workers are firing back with a lawsuit against the company. 

The law firm of Outten & Golden claims that Fisker did not provide the 60 days written notice that is required when undertaking mass lay offs or firings. The law firm is going after Fisker for 60 days worth of wages and benefits for the ousted employees. The suit was filed on behalf of Sven Etzelsberger, a former Fisker employee, though it is seeking class action status. 

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Fisker reportedly told the affected workers that it could not afford to give them severance pay. About 50 Fisker executives were kept on to help find perspective buyers for the company’s remaining assets, though if the lawsuit is successful, those assets may be needed. It seems like only a matter of time until the company files for chapter 11 bankruptcy.

[Source: Automotive News]