Five-Point Inspection: Ford MyKey

Belt-Minder is Like Time-Out for Teens


2013 Ford Fusion Hybrid

Some of these features should probably be standard on any car and “Belt-Minder” is one of them.

As a faithful seatbelt user, I might have never encountered this feature. But I’m curious like a cat.

The feature is simple and effective, like pepper spray. The difference here is that this is aimed at keeping reckless drivers away from pain.

Music is muted if either of the vehicle’s front-seat occupants skips their seatbelt, and won’t return until both are secure.

  • Total garbage. Makes me reluctant to purchase a Ford. Do your job parents. Parents who opt for this are failures.

  • mikey

    Tom, tom, tom… It sounds to me like you’re not a parent. And if you are, you’re probably not a very good one.

    Parents will want this because they can’t be around for every weekend jaunt in the family car that their teenage son or daughter will take.

    Those little hormone bombs make emotional decisions that are often irrational. What you’re saying is tantamount to suggesting that seat belts should still be optional. It’s like saying “do your job, drivers.” You can’t always avoid a crash, and in the same way, you can’t always be there when your (admittedly) air-headed 17-year-old girl is driving to school in the morning, thinking more about singing along to whatever eardrum rupturing hopeless highschool nonsense garbage than the road in front of her. Trust me. I know.

    So when you write meaningless, ridiculous, asinine things like that, please understand it serves to do little more than paint you in a humiliating light.


    The kid who dated that girl before she wrecked her car by hitting a tree listening to Ke$ha like an idiot.