Ford Atlas Concept Development Revealed

Ford Atlas Concept Development Revealed

Ford’s F-Series might as well be an ATM streaming $100 bills into company coffers, which is why it’s so important that the brand makes the most out of each generation. 

Wowing crowds during a surprise unveiling at this year’s Detroit Auto Show, Ford debuted the Atlas concept, a preview of the coming F-Series pickup generation. Now the brand is relesaing some of what went into building one of the world’s most pragmatic concept cars.

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Before arriving at the Atlas, Ford designers toyed with the idea of a much more aerodynamic “bullet train” version. Pickup trucks are some of the least aerodynamic vehicles, and cutting drag is becoming increasingly fashionable as fuel costs continue to rise. Needless to say, the early idea didn’t make it, but neither did the polar opposite “locomotive” version.


The cargo cradle that rises from the Atlas tailgate was one of the biggest standout features, but it wasn’t the only option Ford considered. Previous designs also included a tailgate that doubled as a storage vessel that could compete with the Ram Box storage areas build into either side of the Ram’s bed.

Other items that got last minute tweaks included an illuminated bed, wheels that originally sat flush with the tires and a windshield that extended over the roof.

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