Ford Exec Sees Room for a Redesigned Ranger in US

Ford Exec Sees Room for a Redesigned Ranger in US

Bringing the Ford Ranger back to the U.S. has been discussed since the first day it left, and one Ford executive thinks that there is a place for Ranger in North America, just not the same one that is sold worldwide.

“It’d have to be a true compact truck,” truck program marketing manager Doug Scott told speaking about the Ranger. “It has to be clearly differentiated from the F-150 in price, size, and fuel economy.”

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One of the biggest roadblocks for bringing the global Ranger to America is the truck’s size. As it is now, the Ranger is almost as big as the current F-150, and would probably cost almost as much. The international Ranger would probably steal some sales from the F-150, another reason why the current Ranger will never wind up on our shores.

If Ford does decide to bring back the Ranger, it will have to be an all new vehicle, though in any case, Scott says even the possibility of a new small pickup is years away.

  • Corny

    I would like to see a pick up F 100 with a small diesel engine

  • Scuddog

    Body on frame design to keep costs down. Small 4 cyl gas, small diesel and optional V6 just like before. Regular cab, extended cab, crew cab, long and short beds just like before. Manual transmission available on all models. Make stripped work truck options available and you will have a winner. The old Ranger was way overdue for a redesign. By keeping the formula simple, modern technology can be employed to keep the cost down. Keep it small, economical and reliable. In fact… this could be the biggest winner for Ford if they market this right and don’t turn this into some sort of glitzy, overpriced super safety machine.

  • anon

    As long as they don’t keep making it larger. By the time the Ranger was scrapped it wouldn’t fit in parallel, angle parking, or a parking garage. If I had wanted to buy a ton dually four door, I would have.