Ford Launching ‘Video Snacks’ to Help Educate Customers

Ford Launching ‘Video Snacks’ to Help Educate Customers

Ford is initiating a new orientation program that uses what the brand calls “video snacks,” designed to help customers better understand the tech features found in new Ford vehicles.

The program grants customers access to an online library of short instructional videos that explain how to operate different vehicle features such as Ford’s MyKey system. During the buying process, customers can outline which systems they would like to receive more information on, and Ford will then email the customer links to the online “video snacks.”

“Our goal is to simplify and enhance the sales experience by providing customers with the resources they need when they need them so that they can fully enjoy all the benefits their vehicle has to offer them,” said Andrew Ashman, Ford and Lincoln consumer experience manager.

To come up with each short video, Ford reviewed customer research 30 to 90 days after purchase of a new vehicle and looked at what new car buyers were posting in forums.

Posted below is an example of a Ford “video snack.”

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