French Fry Cup Holders Free From McDonald’s Japan

French Fry Cup Holders Free From McDonald’s Japan

Japanese McDonald’s customers will have an easier time eating and driving starting on April 24 when the fast food giant will begin giving away the item shown above.

You’re seeing correctly, it’s an adapter to make eating french fries easier in the car. McDonald’s Japan calls it the “potato holder,” and wants customers to tweet potential alternative uses for the fried spud cradle.

So far, some of the suggestions include using it to carry an iPhone, pencils and even to tote fries in a bicycle bottle holder.

Unfortunately, the trans-fat shenanigans aren’t taking place on this side of the Pacific. Try hunting the Internet for one down the line if you’re really that serious about alternative storage for your fries.

[Source: McDonalds via SeriousEats]

  • You can get fry holders in the same aisle as drink holders at your local auto parts store, but since McD’s Japan is giving them away, soon Japanese kids will be as fat as our kids!

  • This gift is nothing so special here. McDs in Japan has been giving free computer games when you order the so called “Happy Set” Kids meal.
    And you think Im joking …

  • Chad Wilson

    This is a first world problem.