General Motors Advertising on Facebook Again

General Motors Advertising on Facebook Again

General Motors has announced that it will returning to advertising on Facebook after an 11-month breakup.

Almost a year ago, the second-largest automaker in the U.S. announced that it wouldn’t advertise on Facebook a mere three days before the site went public.

But today, GM has confirmed that it will be launching a campaign for the Chevrolet Sonic that will be a “mobile-only” pilot campaign “that utilizes newly available targeting and measurement capabilities on Facebook,” said Chris Perry, vice president of U.S. Chevrolet marketing.

The automaker didn’t elaborate on its future plans with advertising on Facebook, but clearly it realizes the power in online advertising.

[Source: Ad Age]

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  • I was very concerned that GM was allowing substandard vehicles to be built in Mexico. Some of the cars made were listed as downright dangerous. Though not alone as the only car maker allowing this, it is just another reason why I would never invest money into a GM product.