General Motors Applies for ‘Chevelle’ Trademark

General Motors Applies for ‘Chevelle’ Trademark

Rumors behind General Motors resurrecting the “Chevelle” nameplate have been tossed around the last couple of years, and now the American automaker has filed a trademark for the name.

The trademark was filed in the “Exterior badges for vehicles” category of Goods and Services on December 4, 2012 and currently has an application status of “Non-Final Action – Mailed” which possibly means that the application will be published for opposition.

The Chevelle nameplate hasn’t been used in 1977 and though the trademark filing hardly confirms that the American automaker plans to resurrect the name, it surely hints at doing so.

As for guesses to what the Chevelle will be used for, one can only speculate. A strong possibility however would be to replace the Chevrolet SS name when the next-generation model makes an appearance.

[Source: GM Authority]

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