Honda Fit Coming With In-City Auto Brake

Honda Fit Coming With In-City Auto Brake

When the all-new Honda Fit goes on sale this year, it will be offered with an optional safety package that does some of your thinking for you.

In what boils down to a less sophisticated version of what Volvo is offering to keep people from plowing into cyclists — Honda’s “City-Brake Active System” offers an automatic braking function.

The feature will be offered in the car’s safety package (a name the brand hasn’t settled on yet), and will be able to keep you from making obvious mistakes like hitting stationary cars. It will also mitigate lead-footed fools who stomp on the gas accidentally. While stopped or travelling under 6.2 mph (10 km/h), a firm foot to the throttle won’t do anything.

Honda cautions, however, that depending on weather conditions, the system might not recognize vehicles properly. Just like Volvo did last month in Geneva, Honda is using the term “collision-free vehicles” to describe its accident avoidance system.

Far from being the self-driven Google car, this is actually closer to the new “Smart City Brake” system offered in the new Mazda6. Both Honda and Mazda’s systems can help avoid a crash at below 19 mph.