Honda HSV-010 GT Race Car to be Replaced by NSX Concept Next Year

Honda HSV-010 GT Race Car to be Replaced by NSX Concept Next Year

Before it ever hits the street, the Acura NSX will be competing for trophies on the race track, starting next year in Japan.

In an update to its global racing plans, Honda has announced it will enter five of its custom-developed HSV-010 GT cars (above) in the Japanese Super GT series this year, starting this weekend at the Okayama International Circuit. Honda looks to reclaim its drivers’ and team championship titles from last season.

Starting in 2014, however, the front-engine, rear-wheel drive 3.4-liter V8 cars will be replaced by the new NSX Concept. That car will likely use a version of the street car’s Sport Hybrid Super Handling All-Wheel Drive system, with a mid-mounted V6 hybrid engine powering the rear wheels, while individual electric motors will power the fronts, adding extra power and all-wheel drive grip.

The production NSX isn’t expected to hit the street until late 2014 at the earliest.



GALLERY: Acura NSX Concept


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  • Kljw5

    Spell Check works wonders. USE IT!!

  • NotSoeXtreme

    Honda HSV-010 is dead. No road cars were built. Way to go, NSX. Kick away Lexus LF-LC and Nissan GT-R out of Japanese supercar market.

  • Steveo

    The mid engine nsx well fail watch this car does not even look exciting instead they discontinue the hsv and it jasnt even went to production this is so sad