Hyundai Investigating Pickup Truck for U.S. Market

Hyundai Investigating Pickup Truck for U.S. Market

Hyundai is looking into the feasibility of launching a pickup truck, and is currently studying what size of pickup would be best for the American market. 

“We are studying that one very hard — what kind of pickup truck we should produce, if we have to. Is it a big-size pickup truck like in the United States or a small kind of pickup truck?” Lee In-cheol, VP in charge of international sales told Automotive News.

The Korean brand has no current plans to build a pickup truck, but the outcry has been strong from dealers in the States. “We don’t know yet which market would be the first,” Lee continued, adding that an emerging market may be first to get a Hyundai built pickup truck.

Another contributing factor to the decision is the U.S.-South Korea free trade agreement that took effect in March 2012. The agreement states that the 25 percent tariff, known as the chicken tax, placed on imported light-duty trucks and vans will be lifted in 2021, making it more appealing for Hyundai to wait to bring a truck over to our shores.

[Source: Automotive News]

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