Improved EV Charging Offered by Honda Smart Home

Improved EV Charging Offered by Honda Smart Home

Honda, in partnership with the University of California, Davis, broke ground today on a “Zero Net Energy” concept home that will offer more efficient electric vehicle charging.

Honda’s concept home uses solar power and smart-grid technology to absorb and efficiently manage energy use. Part of that system will incude a direct solar to DC charging system for electric cars that Honda says will reduce power loss associated with AC-to-DC conversion currently used in EV home charging systems.

A zero net energy title requires the home to put more energy back into the grid, on average, than it would consume.  The state of California is pushing for all new homes to fall under that category by 2020. Honda’s concept home will be built on the University of California, Davis, campus.

Honda says the home will feature “new and emerging technologies to greatly reduce the amount of energy consumed by individual households.” Part of that will mean allowing residents to remotely control all of their home systems to remotely manage energy use.


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