LaFerrari Tested by Grinning Fernando Alonso

LaFerrari Tested by Grinning Fernando Alonso

Despite having a dumb name, the LaFerrari is nothing short of awe inspiring.

Or at least you would imagine it to be. First-hand knowledge about driving the car remains reserved for a special few. The 950-hp Italian supercar uses a hybrid KERS system – a first for Ferrari production cars – and will only be built 499 times.

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Even if you’re not going to drive one, it’s probably hard not to wonder what it’s like. The truth is, most owners probably won’t ever actually appreciate what their LaFerrari can do. Just like drinking expensive booze, it takes a special person to appreciate the nuances.

Enter two-time world champion F1 driver Fernando Alonso and driver for Scuderia Ferrari. He recently got the chance to drive one. The smile says it all.

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    stupid name for a car