Mercedes C-Class Convertible, Diesel, Hybrid Coming

Mercedes C-Class Convertible, Diesel, Hybrid Coming

Mercedes plans to expand its C-Class line with a convertible, diesel and a hybrid option to better compete with BMW.

“We were fighting the 3 Series with two arms tied behind our back, and now we will change that,” Mercedes-Benz U.S. CEO Steve Cannon told Automotive News.

The expanded line will be offered after Mercedes launches its redesigned C-Class, which will reach dealers in August, 2014. But Mercedes won’t offer buyers the new options immediately. Instead, the sedan will kick sales off, followed by the coupe in 2015. The convertible will launch that year, as will the hybrid, although it isn’t clear when to expect the diesel.

Mercedes stands to close the current gap between it’s and BMW’s current entry-level sedans by expanding that portfolio. According to Automotive News, the C-Class sedan sold 70,493 in North America last year – just 4690 fewer than the 3 Series sedan in the same year.

The entry-level luxury game is also set to change very soon, and that shift could work in Mercedes’ favor if demand for its new CLA front-wheel drive sedan proves strong. Similarly, BMW will offer front-wheel drive vehicles under the current 1 Series nameplate, but Mercedes will have the jump by starting sales in September.

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[Source: Automotive News]

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  • They have all these already in other markets, bring them on ! I’d get a Diesel Hybrid in a minute. The NGV (NGT) is also a model I would consider