Mercedes mbrace Helped Track Boston Bombing Suspects: Report

Mercedes mbrace Helped Track Boston Bombing Suspects: Report

A courageous Mercedes-Benz ML350 owner and the vehicle’s mbrace system should be receiving some thanks for helping kick off the search for the Boston bombing suspects nearly two weeks ago.

By now, the story of the Mercedes involved in the shoot-out that left the older bombing suspect, Tamerlan Tsarnaev dead, has been plastered all over the news. But the story of how that ML350 and its technology aided the officials in tracking the bombing suspects hasn’t really been shared.

A Chinese immigrant named Danny was carjacked by the two bombing suspects and was forced to drive. When they stopped at a gas station, he boldly unbuckled his seat belt and made a run to another gas station where he hid and told the employees to quickly call 911.

From there, Danny authorized Mercedes-Benz to use the mbrace system to track the vehicle, which was then relayed to the police live. The vehicle was tracked to Laurel Street in Watertown, which is where the shoot out happened that ultimately kicked off the huge man-hunt for the younger suspect, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.

[Source: AOL Autos, New York Times]

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