Michael Schumacher Named Mercedes-Benz Ambassador

Michael Schumacher Named Mercedes-Benz Ambassador

After retiring from Formula One for the second time, Michael Schumacher has teamed up with Mercedes-Benz for the long haul as an ambassador for the brand, helping develop future technologies for the German automaker’s road car division.

In the long-term partnership, Schumacher will focus on Mercedes-Benz’s “Intelligent Drive” safety systems helping to fine tune the next-generation of models. The technologies under the automaker’s “Intelligent Drive” category include improved night vision, adaptive cruise control, auto braking and steering, and LED headlights.

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Schumacher will make his first appearance in his new role on May 1st. His signing clearly draws parallel to Sebastian Vettel’s role as Infiniti’s Director of Performance.

“The future interests me much more than the present and past,” Schumacher said. “During my Formula 1 time I always believed that you must not allow yourself to rest on your laurels, but that you must continuously try to improve. In so doing I was very often able to rely on the help of all the technologies available to me in the car and use them to my advantage. That is why I am a declared supporter of driving assistance systems both in the racing car and in the road-going car.”

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