MINI Mulling Over Major Lineup Changes

MINI Mulling Over Major Lineup Changes

Some Mini models could be on the chopping block, as the British automaker mulls over the possibility of some major changes to its lineup in the near future.

According to Edmunds, Mini may not be replacing some of its models when they reach the end of their cycle. The only two safe models are the Mini Hardtop and Countryman, which account for about 75 percent of the brand’s sales. But according to Jim McDowell, vice president of MINI USA, some of the other models in the lineup could be on the chopping block.

Last year, the British automaker sold approximately 66,200 vehicles in the US with the Hardtop and Countryman being almost 50,000 of that figure. Currently the lineup consists of seven models, and McDowell hinted that when MINI starts replacing models, we might not see every model being replaced. The next generation of Mini models will begin a year from now.

The new Mini lineup will share a front-wheel drive platform BMW, the first of which will be the Hardtop, set to hit dealerships in March 2014.

In the same interview, McDowell reiterated that the automaker has no plans currently to produce the Rocketman concept.

[Source: Edmunds]

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  • Chuck Ferrell

    There are too many models now. Good idea.

  • John S

    get rid of the non movers and get me a Mini Pick Up already