Next-Gen Jeep Wrangler to be Inspired by 2013 Moab Concepts

Next-Gen Jeep Wrangler to be Inspired by 2013 Moab Concepts

As always, the Jeep Moab Easter Safari concepts hint at what the American automaker has in mind for the future, with the next-generation Wrangler being previewed in the concepts this year.

It’s no surprise that Jeep is focusing on improving fuel efficiency across all its models, as the brand weighs down Chrysler’s overall corporate average fuel economy (CAFE) rating. That means as each Jeep model gets redesigned, we can expect plenty of weight to be shed along with more fuel efficient engines.

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To give an idea as to what Jeep is been thinking about, the Wrangler Stitch concept is 1,100 pounds less than the current Wrangler. Granted the next-generation Wrangler won’t be losing that much weight, but it’s clear that Jeep is working hard in finding ways to get the SUV lighter. Considerations to help spring that weight include the use of aluminum for the doors and hood.

As for the design, it’s hinted at in the Wrangler Slim concept. Aerodynamic improvements will be another focus, and the Slim’s front bumper is expected to find its way on the new Wrangler.

Talking about powerplants,there’s a strong possibility that the Wrangler could see an oil-burner under the hood, but it will depend on how well the Grand Cherokee diesel does in the market.

Confirming that the new Wrangler will come in both two- and four-door varieties when it’s launched, Jeep has revealed is even thinking over a third body style. There’s no word on what that might be, but a pickup isn’t out of the question.

GALLERY: 2013 Jeep Easter Moab Concepts


Jeep Flattop Concept First Look Video

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Jeep Stitch Concept First Look Video

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[Source: Car and Driver]

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