Next-Gen Subaru WRX to be More Street Focused

Next-Gen Subaru WRX to be More Street Focused

Celebrating its rally heritage, the Subaru WRX has always sacrificed a certain level of on-road performance so as to maintain its off-road capability. That, however, will change for the next generation model.

Speaking with AutoGuide at the New York Auto Show last week, Subaru of America PR boss Dominick Infante said the WRX concept car unveiled in Manhattan previews a new WRX that will be designed more for on-road use and which will be, “much more street targeted.”

Commenting that the WRX has always been an amazing road machine, it got even better when taken off the beaten path. As a result, however, it has lacked some of the dynamic feel of rivals.

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Infante also clarified further details on the new WRX, knocking down rumors that the car is based off an entirely new platform. While Subaru is certainly looking to separate its WRX model from the Impreza compact sedan, the two cars will share the same basic underpinnings.

Finally, Infante crushed any hopes that the carbon fiber roof previewed on the WRX concept would see reality. Initially confirming that it would make an appearance on the new WRX, he paused briefly to gauge our reaction before laughing. Rather, Subaru will continue to focus on cutting weight through the use of high-strength steel.

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  • *its off-road capability

  • Once again, they ruined this damn car. If you want an on road sports car, get a BRZ. People like me love my WRX for its ability to beat up on sports cars on the road, then take it in the dirt for some fun. It completely destroys this cars heritage. I think its too slick, its too pretty and has no business having WRX or god forbid STi on it.

  • Badtoby

    bad azz!  I will buy this if the final product looks like the concept.

  • jeff farrar

    To slick and pretty? Bitch, bitch, bitch, no one is ever happy. Next people are going to bitch that car handles better than the previous models while being able to drive over bumps without making their teeth vibrate. It has to much HP, to much torque, it’s to safe, and to luxurious. Do u have sand in your vagina? This car is bad ass and it doesn’t look like a dodge neon thank god. Go buy a Hyundai like the millions of dumb asses that pay $30k for a Korean piece of shit.

  • subiFUKNpowers

    This better be the next gen WRX!!!!! LOve it!!!