Nissan Altima Tops Toyota Camry in March Sales

Nissan Altima Tops Toyota Camry in March Sales

The Nissan Altima, a car that was for a long time not considered to be a contender for the top spot, claimed the sales crown in March among mid-size sedans, ousting the Toyota Camry. 

Toyota moved 37,663 Camrys in March, while Nissan cleared that number by 100 for a total of 37,763 Altimas sold. In the third position is the Honda Accord, while the top five are rounded out by the Ford Fusion in fourth and the Chevy Malibu in fifth.

Year-to-date sales tell a different story, with the Camry still outpacing the rest of the pack by a wide margin. While the Camry still seems untouchable, the race for second, third and fourth place are only separated by a spread of about 8,000 units between the second place Accord, third-place Altima, and fourth-place Ford Fusion. Illustrating just how close the race between the top four is, consider that the fifth place Chevy Malibu has only moved 49,179 units year-to-date, setting a gap of about 30,000 units between it and the fourth place Fusion.

Possibly adding to the Camry’s slight fall from the top, it is the oldest car of the pack , as the Altima, Accord and Fusion have been redesigned for this model year.

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  • smartacus

     Not that long ago; it was Camry-Accord-Maxima and not Camry-Accord-Altima