Nissan Friend-Me Concept Aims to Attract a New Generation of Car Shoppers… in China

Nissan Friend-Me Concept Aims to Attract a New Generation of Car Shoppers… in China

Designed specifically to appeal to a new generation Chinese customers, Nissan has unveiled its latest concept car at the 2013 Shanghai Motor Show, the Friend-Me.

The Japanese automaker believes that this new demographic of Chinese youth will soon be the world’s largest customer segment and hopes to lead the way in delivering Chinese customer aspirations. The Friend-Me concept is a four-passenger sedan with a futuristic and sleek style, appealing to a younger, more non-traditional generation.

It features a low and wide stance with short front and rear overhangs giving it a chunky, yet aggressive and sporty impression. Inside are four seats with display screens for each individual. Nissan has designed the screens so that each person in the car can share whatever they’re looking at on their smartphone onto the screen of everyone else in the car.

The Friend-Me concept could become a reality fairly easily. It’s based on an existing Nissan sedan architecture and requires a minimum number of unique components. The automaker’s PureDrive hybrid powertrain would deliver more than enough power for local city driving.

“We call our solution Distilled Da Qi,” said Taiji Toyota, Vice President of Nissan Design China. “Da Qi is about casting an aura, about standing out, but at the same time going with the flow, fitting in. It’s a question of balance, and we’ve worked to refine it right down to the essence. The result adds an entirely new and youthful dimension to the sedan category.”

GALLERY: Nissan Friend-Me Concept


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  • huwtm

    Ugly and over done, like some bizarre Hyundai

  • aert

    looks like volvo

  • huwtm

    Nothing like a Volvo, you mean Infiniti/Hyundai inbreeding